3 Leopards in 1 Sighting

Posted on March 7, 2008

This morning we had a stunning sighting of 3 female leopards in a single sighting.

Makwela our resident female leopard had a fight with one of her previous youngsters the Mambiri female leopard. Female leopards are very territorial and will fight to the death. In the same sighting we also saw Makwela’s newest youngster who only became independent in the last week. What a feast for our guests and guides.

Mambiri on Patrol

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  1. I love it! Never a dull moment…

    Marius, I have to compliment you on the presentation of your images… Not only do you take fantastic photos, but I love the frame and signature you add to each one. It looks very professional. I hope you will see some sales from the exposure on the weblog.

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