The Winds of Change

Posted on April 28, 2011

Shane leaves us on a new adventure and we wish him all the best.

It is with a heavy heart we bid Shane farewell as he moves on to his next adventure, but he goes with all our fondest wishes as he begins this journey.

There are so many good memories we have Shared with Shane over the years, too many to mention but none that will be forgotten. The sound of Shane’s infectious laugh around the Lodge is going to be missed greatly.

However, talking of infectious laughs, we would like to congratulate Sally on her promotion to Assistant General Manager and filling Shane’s shoes, I have a feeling we might have to pad the walls of the Management Office and purchase a couple of strait jackets in the months to come. Many of you will know Sally; she worked at Leopard Hills 6 years ago and returned to the Leopard Hills Family at the later part of last year.

Will Greying has taken over as Head Chef, Big Steve has been promoted to Food and Beverage Manager, and Sammy has moved into the role of Restaurant Manager, congratulations to you all on these well-deserved achievements.

5 thoughts on “The Winds of Change

  1. Shane, bushy 911, what can I say? I am going to miss you in so many ways, your laughter, your enthusiasm in everything you do, your relationship with everyone you meet, your kindness, your passion, your morals and I am certainly going to miss watching Rugby with you!
    I thank you for your support to us all,your commitment to Leopard Hills has been amazing.
    My friend, I wish you happiness on your new path, Be safe and know you have mine, Megan’s and Kiara’s love and thoughts with you all the way.

  2. Shanie I wish you all the best on your journey and we will forever remain friend and keep in touch we are going to miss you. Megz

  3. I had the pleasure of experiencing Shane’s wonderful smile…warmth and enthusiasm. I can, in a small way, understand the mixed emotions at Leopard Hill’s. All the best to each person as changes take place…especially Shane on his new path….add me to the long list of friends near and far who wish for your best! connie

  4. Best Wishes to Shane. Congratulations to Big Steve and Sammy. I need to post the pictures of the both you. All the best.

    Heather Daly

  5. Thank Leopard Hills for the most amazing and memorable Experience. Dunx, Lou and the Fantastic Lodge Staff, you guys are very special and i will always be thinking of you you peeps.a new chapter in my Life is about to begin and i am so Blessed to have had the priveledge of having Fun at the best lodge in the world.Thank you team. God Bless

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