“Super” Cub

Posted on February 18, 2010

The single female cub from the Ximungwe Pride of lions is now just over 3 months and stronger and healthier than ever.

The little cub which I named “super” cub is growing stronger and faster every day.

Unlike other lion cubs of her age she started to move with the pride covering massive distances at the age of 2 months. Normally females will have cubs of her age hidden in den sites and at approximately 3 months introduce them to the pride. Adult lionesses will normally not spend the time and energy in raising a single cub, but “super” cub almost insisted in being part of the pride.

This morning my guests and I had the most splendid sighting of the little cub. The Ximungwe pride and the cub were feeding on a wildebeest that they caught 2 nights ago. The 2 females was feeding while the big male was lying nearby resting and trying to digest the food in its massive stomach. “Super” cub was running around chasing the tails of the 2 females, jumping on top of the male (which was extremely relaxed) and killing the now very dead wildebeest over and over.

We left after half an hour all amazed at the antics of this little lion cub surviving against all odds. We will keep you updated on the progress of “super” cub in the months to come.

7 thoughts on ““Super” Cub

  1. Thank You Marius, from your wonderful description it sounds as if she is well on the road to becoming Super Hunter as well !

  2. She has quite a cute face. I don’t think she has that normal cub look…maybe it is because she is wet? Keep her safe….


  3. Hi Marius
    So glad to hear Super Cub is still doing well. Will hopefully get to visit her again in a few months!

  4. Marius, I’m so pleased you guys had a great sighting in that terrible weather. Seeing her fit inside, and drink water out of a tyre rut was really awesome. She does have a lot of energy and a very endearing nature. I look forward to reading of her progress.

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