Reminder – Fireside chat with Duncan at Djuma Game Reserve tonight!

Posted on July 17, 2009

To all our members and subscribers, just a quick reminder that we will be broadcasting a live fireside chat from the Djuma game reserve at 18:00 local time (GMT + 2 hours) today, Friday 17 July 2009.

Duncan will be joining the Wild Earth Team at Djuma for a fire side chat, where they will be discussing the concept and plans of getting Leopard Hills on board with this amazing innovation, and introducing the existing Wild Earth viewers to some of the Leopard Hills animals.

We hope you will join us today at 18h00 local time, (GMT +2), where you are sure to recognize some old friends coming to you live from the African Bush in the Sabi Sand Private Game Reserve.

To view the live broadcast, please click the link below:

Djuma Live Web Cam Video Stream

Just 2 hours to go! See you there!

0 thoughts on “Reminder – Fireside chat with Duncan at Djuma Game Reserve tonight!

  1. Having you all on board was amazing! Duncan you were an absolute natural and I look forward to seeing more of you and Leopard Hills!

  2. Absolutely fantastic experience!!! I still have a goose bumps after watching a movie from LH.
    Duncan, you were like celebrity lol!
    If John Varty could make a movie Big Cats, why don’t you do the same, even better! Can’t wait for more!

  3. unfortunately i missed it but have just been on the wildearth tv and it is going to be unbelievable. Guess that’s what I’m going to be watching all the time. Who needs television when we have the Djuma and leopard Hill’s livecam!!!
    Absolutely fantastic.

  4. Hi ,

    I could not watch it live ( working) But i saw the video’s at the WE archives.

    Thank you so much! it was great to see it. I didnt know Marc and Duncan had a history of 22 years together.

    The Fireside chat was really good, and its good that more ppl now know about Makwela the legend.

    Looking forward to see more, although i hope after those bad things that happened last months, some really great things are going to happen in the close future to the cats which live in the leopard Hills area.

    Thanks Again!

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