Photographic Memories

Posted on March 19, 2011

The following article has been written by our 12 year old daughter Kiara.

Leopard Hills is the only life I have ever known since I was born 12 years ago, I have had the privilege of growing up here with the Wildlife around me.

I have just got a new camera which is helping me explore new opportunities in capturing my love for the bush.

Going on Game drive is a blessing to me. Whenever there is a drive going out and there is space, I am on it.

Every day is different, from watching the magnificent Leopard Hlaba Nkunzi and her Cub, Elephants along the river with a beautiful sunset in the background, the Mighty Mpogo’s roaring in the dark of the night, Rhinos grazing in the green grass, and the Buffalo bathing in the mud wallow.

What an amazing opportunity to be able to grow up here. I have posted some pictures that I have taken with my new camera.

A special thanks to Dave, Gary, Raymond, and Heinrich for the opportunity to go on drive with them. Hope to go on a lot more with you guys in the future.

Hope you enjoy them as much as I did taking them.

Kiara Rodgers (age 12).

26 thoughts on “Photographic Memories

  1. These are absolutely fabulous. Are you sure you are only 12 years old? No words do them justice. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. What a mature perspective to understand the privilege and blessing that surround you and is your life!! You have an amazing heart and eye. Your simple, perfect expression of Leopard Hills in word and picture are a gift as well…thank you. You must keep writing and by all means using the lens!! YOU ARE GOOD 🙂

  3. Fantastic photos Kiara, great perspective, really looking forward to going on drive with you again. You are a gifted natural.

  4. Kiara, your pictures are awesome! It is evident that you have an artist’s eye for composition. What kind of camera and lens(s) did you use?
    Thanks for sharing

  5. Looking forward to new game drives with you Kiara………..September will be here sooner than we think. Keep up the great photography.

  6. Kiara; Your a natural like your father. He can teach you a lot but your already on your way to becoming a great photographer.

  7. well done kiara what truely amazing photos and writing you are a star . nana will be with you soon wish i was coming too ! miss u all x

  8. Cooks, I remember you scurrying along to catch the staff bumble when I was last there. I was fully aware that this was nothing new to you, yet you were eager as ever, and that showed your love and passion for your surrounds. Your images are spectacular, as is your text, so PLEASE nail your Dad to a chair and get him to write a book soon!! Your images are equal to his writing ability and I’m sure between the two of you, you could put a fantastic read together.

  9. Hey Cooks What a great, inspiring article, wow, gives me goosies… Your photos too, are wonderful. I hope one day you will drive me through the bush as my ranger!
    Follow your dreams and with your spunk, the world is your oyster. Much Love Margs
    Hita Cooks. You go girl. I am very proud of you. Love, Paul

  10. Wow! Kiara, wonderful photos. If you’re "new" to photography, I’d never guess it, these are great. You’re going to give all the guides there a run for their money, your shots are so good. Your photos bring back many great memories of our trip to Leopard Hills (we can’t wait to come back!) You are indeed blessed & lucky to grow up in the bush, it is so nice to see that you appreciate it and have such a wonderful lodge family to share it with. Congratulations & keep up the great work!

  11. Kiara – so blown away by your photos! They are stunning. Your article is fabulous – love the way you write. I’d love to know how many game drives you have been on in your life time. I love your passion for photography. Please keep posting your photos and stories of the bush. So proud of you!

  12. Kiara we are so proud of the way you have taken such a keen interest in your photography, such a talented young lady. We really look forward to many more of your postings in the future, and thank you to everyone for all your positive comments, very encouraging.

  13. Thank you to every one for the comments and being supportive. it has given me confidence to post more picture and I promise you that it will not be long. Kathy Shockton i do not use a lens I have a Kodak 2981. It is not a big Camera but it takes good picture. thanks for being supportive. Kiara Rodgers

  14. Kiara,

    I?m sure it?s been a magnificent 12 years, it definitely is a privilege being able to grow up in the bush, especially a special place like this! What makes it even more special is being able to share it with your Parents and Sister; it truly is the most wonderful gift!

    Only a pleasure having you on drive, may there be many more!

    Great photos and article!

  15. My girl Cooks,

    Well done Cooks, I am so proud of you and your sister Megan, not only for your passion for the bush, but mainly because you never take it for granted, you appreciate the blessings you have living with nature every day.

    You must both continue to take photos and keep writing on the blog, I love reading your stories.

    Love you M

  16. Well, everything has been said already!I?m spell-bound by your photos and your wisdom! Well done Kiara, hope one day I?ll meet you on the vehicle!

    The Rodgers Dynasty is very promising!:D

    Hey – The Lion portrait is my favorite:)I salute you young lady!

  17. Kiara, ya done us all proud! And it is so heartwarming to read how much you love where you are and what you do. Rock on, Girl!

    Joy, Camarillo, CA

  18. I was thrilled to see these pictures
    because my husband and I were on this drive so we can show our friends what we saw. We took some photographs but these are so beautifully presented that we loved forwarding them. It brings back memories of a very memorable evening.

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