My First drive as a Ranger at Leopard Hills

Posted on August 4, 2010

It was a perfect afternoon in the bush, to start off at Leopard Hills with my guiding.

It was a beautiful Winters day in the Sabi Sands and during the afternoon I had met my guests that I would be taking on Safari. Bill and Elisse have been on many safaris, Justin and Danielle joining us for their honeymoon and Vishnu and Harshika who had been at the lodge for a couple of nights.

We set off into the bush full of excitement, as this was a very special moment being able to join the guides in the Sabi Sands, especially at Leopard Hills. While driving we had some Impala and Nyala come close to the vehicle, which really got everyone into the mood of being on safari..

There was a herd of Blue Wildebeest on an open clearing with perfect afternoon sunlight, The Wildebeest kept feeding without much notice to us, while we enjoyed this great setting.

After driving around for a bit, stopping at sites where Elephant had been digging for roots and visible signs of them eating the bark of branches, we went into a drainage line where we had an amazing sighting.

At the bottom this drainage line, there was an open area where the leopard, Hlaba Nkunze and her two cubs were busy eating the last remains of a kill she had made some time before. They came to a couple of meters away from the vehicle and being as relaxed as she is, it gave the guests opportunity for some breathtaking photos. During this time her cubs were up and down and cause for quite some excitement as they jumped through the grass and approached the vehicle.

After that wonderful experience with the leopard and her two cubs, we enjoyed drinks with the light fading and made our way back to camp after a very exciting drive with a very special leopard sighting.

A big thanks to the guests, who shared this special moment with me….

Duncan, Louise and all the Staff at Leopard Hills who have been guiding me and who have been a huge support, thank you very much!!!!

11 thoughts on “My First drive as a Ranger at Leopard Hills

  1. Heinrich AKA "Ranger"well done my brother i am sure you will have many many more wonderful times and drives at Leopsrd hills. Alles van die beste

  2. It’s awesome finally having you at Leopard Hills with us, we always said we would work together one day and that day has come. We are very proud of you and wish you many happy years with us. Lou

  3. Congratulations Heinrich- you also finally must have memorised the roads- or learned the " knowledge " as a London cabbie would say.See you next year David and Fay Thurman.4/8/10

  4. This is so wonderful. Hope we see this much when we arrive. Look forward to our return to LH seeing all you great LH folks!
    Cheers! Heinrich!

  5. Heinrich ? thank you very much for that wonderful time we spent together on your vehicle! It was great, I?ve learned and seen a lot. No doubts ? a new talent grows at Leopard Hills:-)
    Hope to see you again and very best for Simon!

    Gosh, it was absolutely fantastic to be back to LH!!! My home in Africa!!!

  6. Heinrich, my hat off to you for following the dream. I can only imagine how the staff there have welcomed you.I find it so fitting, that on your first official drive, your resident Leopard, in a way, welcomed you as well.

  7. Well done my friend! At last you are also living your dream.
    I can’t wait to visit Leopard Hills again and to accompany you on safari.
    Keep sending plenty of those leopard photo’s!

  8. Congradulations. You picked a great reserve. It was vey nice meeting you and know you will have fun at LHs.

  9. Congradulations. You picked a great reserve. It was vey nice meeting you and know you will have fun at LHs.

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