Mapogo fight update

Posted on June 30, 2010

I have got hold of video footage of the mapogo fight……..

Here is video footage of the 2 mapogo’s killing the 1 male male of the other coolition. This is the last time the 1 mapogo was seen.

It was after this fight when the mapogos went back for more and the one was killed. Sad but true.

0 thoughts on “Mapogo fight update

  1. Thanks Gary! It was quite a mess and unfortunately the new drama for the lions within Sabi Sand is just beginning.

    All 3 vids, altho short told a very big story. Many thanks goes out to Brian, the person that saw this live and uploaded his videos.

  2. Yes, WOW! That was Kinky Tail, right?

    Hope to see you, Gary. We will be in LH on Aug 23 – 26th.
    Sure a lot of changes since the Sand pride was killed.
    Repelile from California. Joy

  3. Gary please post an update on the situation if you get a chance. I have heard that the remaining male rejoined the 4 other Mapogos, and they moved east for a day or so before returning to their western stronghold?

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