Makwela Saga is Now Complete

Posted on October 17, 2008

The Makwela Saga is complete and she was seen a couple of days ago trying to mate with the Tekwaan male leopard.

Early last week we had disturbing news that Makwela and her cub was once again outside the reserve.

A couple nights after they left the reserve her third and final cub got killed by one of the villagers.

Two mornings later she was back in the reserve and we found her flirting non-stop with the Tekwaan Male.

As sad as we are that the cubs are dead we are over the moon that she is back and that no one in the village got hurt by her.

And so the phenomenal story of Makwela continues!!!

0 thoughts on “Makwela Saga is Now Complete

  1. bitter sweet news marius…a real pity that she didnt want to stay in the reserve, but i suppose the result would have been the same even if she did…suppose you will have somthing to look forward to in a few months though…thanks for the update


  2. Thank you Marius,sad though it is about the last cub, time with the team has taught us that it is vital that the adult survives, and we give thanks that at least the unfortunate death of her last cub has a positive side meaning she doesn’t now have the need to leave her home territory to protect it from the male. It was somehow strange not to see her wandering around the villas last week, and to know that the rustle of the thatch on the roof wasn’t caused by those familiar paws. We look forward to making her re-acquaintance.

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