Makwela and Thekwane mating!

Posted on October 20, 2008

Makwela is back and not wasting any time.

After returning, Makwela tried to mate with the Thekwane male but with no success as he was not interested.

She persisted and at last the young male woke up and we saw them mating yesterday for the first time!

Even though it is sad that she lost her cubs, we are glad to have her back. As leopards do, she has no hard feelings towards the male who killed the first cub. She has come to realize that he is now the dominant male here and will protect her future cubs by keeping other males out of the area. The Wallingford male has not been this far south in years and spends his time around the Sand River far out of Makwela’s territory.


Makwela and Thekwane matingThekwane biting down

Makwela after mating

Thanks to Michelle for the use of her camera for these shots!

0 thoughts on “Makwela and Thekwane mating!

  1. Just absolutely loved the picture of Makwela "basking in the after glow"
    Where did Thekwane go? Maybe he had to
    smoke a cigarette? Anyway, I m sure it
    was good for him too

  2. Hi Hannes
    I am still smiling about this, as I cannot believe we got to see this on my last drive! Absolutely brilliant

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