Leopard Hills World Cup Soccer

Posted on June 28, 2010

Armed with our 4 American guests we once again took on the mighty Exeter at a game of soccer

Adam, Matt, Daniel and Mark from NYC are 4 friends travelling South Africa for the once in a life time experience, the Soccer World Cup in Africa.

Part of their trip included spending 3 nights at Leopard Hills and combining it with a game of soccer on African soil, priceless.

The game went really well and at full time it was a draw at 2-2, thanks to Matt scoring both goals. We were desperate to win and added another 5 minutes each side, unfortunately Exeter had a secret weapon, an Argentinean, who scored 2 quick goals in extra time.

It was still an awesome experience.

Until next time gentleman.

0 thoughts on “Leopard Hills World Cup Soccer

  1. Fantastic! You forgot to mention the part of me nursing all the aches and pains of all you football stars.

  2. Well done Adam, Matt, Marc and Dan!! Extra kudos to Matt on his 2 goals! Hope the aches and pains were not too bad 🙂
    Thanks Vanessa for taking such good care of them!
    Susan – African Portfolio

  3. Hi Marius – sounds like my clients have had a great stay – Leopard Hills never fails to deliver an awesome experience! Thanks so much!

  4. What a hoot! Wish I had been there to see it!
    Well, since SA didn’t make it to the finals, I hope Netherlands takes the cup.
    See ya in a month! Whoopeeeee!

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