Kids’ day out

Posted on November 6, 2010

The Children at Leopard Hills had some friends from Penryn come visit..

Last week Wednesday and Thursday the Leopard Hills School had the privilege to share a little bit of our every day, special reality of living in the bush with the grade 5 learners and teachers from Penryn College in Nelspruit.

It was with great excitement that we set off on game drive in four Landrovers every morning to go and find what treasures the bush had in store for us that day. And we were in for a treat! It was as if the bush knew we had visitors and put her best foot forward, spoiling us with sightings of no less than four of the big 5 each day. Over the spread of the two days we had beautiful sightings of giraffes, kudus, rhinos, lions, elephants, buffaloes, vultures, a crocodile and much more. The rangers have once again outdone themselves and in sharing with us their knowledge of the bush helped to make it a fun learning experience. We were also impressed with the knowledge the Penryn kids had to share about the bush.

A big thanks to Piet and Khimbini from Inyati for helping us with the game drives, to Inyati Game Lodge for providing us with vehicles and two of their rangers, as well as to our own Dave, Raymond and Heinrich.

We hope that we can share our special reality with more of our friends in future.

A big thanks to Marlise, who wrote this article and took the photos during the two days.

0 thoughts on “Kids’ day out

  1. What a fantastic experience and opportunity for the Youngsters, and I am sure that it gave all of you Warm Fuzzies to witness their wonderment and joy.

    Much more rewarding and warming in the heart than driving us demanding and cantankerous old Dugga Boys – Eh Heinrich ?

    What a wonderful gift towards their education and outlook, Thanks and Congratulations to all who participated

  2. What a great way to give back to the community! Hopefully, this will result in respect for our 4 footed friends.
    Righ ON! joy

  3. Thank you, Tim and Joy, for the comments! It was great having the kids on drive with us, think it meant a lot to them getting up close to the animals, as much as it does to us.

    ha ha ha… Tim, you’re obviously not referring to yourselves there?! It’s always a pleasure getting out in the bush!

  4. …and people wonder why I cannot stop talking about Leopard Hills, and the PEOPLE that make it so special. What a fantastic initiative. Hopefully out of this group, one of those children will become a custodian of our wildlife. Well done to all who made this happen.

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