Group created in memory of Makwela

Posted on July 9, 2009

Hi all, we have made a group in the memory of Makwela. This group has been made because we want to make a collage of Makwela that we hope to display in the library here is the link

We have also opened a mail address for her so we can get photos of her from as far back as possible. If you have any please send them to the address and obviously the pic must be dated so we can track her back.

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  1. Have I missed something? I don’t always get to read these blogs due to crazy work & a crazy schedule. Is Makwela no longer with us? I would be so sad to hear that….

  2. Hey Dunx – what a good idea. I have some rather lousy pix from 2000 that I will have my husband scan and fix w/PS. They show the greatest mother figure I know with the triplets including Mabiri.

  3. Makwela was shot by a local villager when she strayed over the western boundary. In order to respect the wishes of the rangers who post here, I will not share my opinion of this act, but that is what has happened, unfortunately.

  4. We were so shocked of hearing the news of Makwela, so very very sad. I will find the picture of her and Wellingford ontop of the hill and send it to you. What a shock and so unnecessary.

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