Earth Hour at Leopard Hills

Posted on March 30, 2009

Leopard Hills did its bit for Earth Hour by turning off all the power from 20h30 – 21h30 on Saturday Evening

The pictures below were taken a few minutes after we shut down all the power at Leopard Hills as part of our contribution to saving the environment.

We took the opportunity to take all our guests out into the bush for a bush dinner.

This picture was taken of Raymond just as the power went off.

This picture is of the Main Building

This is the main Reception Area

And finally this last picture is the a view of the Camp taken from the waterhole.

11 thoughts on “Earth Hour at Leopard Hills

  1. Hi there,

    …even though you couldn’t see much it must have been breathtaking!! I love the photo…

    I must say that Jhb played it’s part too & apparently 1 out of every 5 homes turned their lights off!!


  2. Thanks Drew, I must admit although the pic was a bit "tongue in cheek", we did take the Earth Hour very seriously and fully supported the initiative, a pity not everyone joined the campaign.

  3. Duncan, your mood make my day! It’s like a first warm morning after a long, cold and dark winter 🙂
    Well done L.H. Team!

  4. Well done Duncan, stunning photo and I cant imagine anything nicer to do that go out into the bush for dinner. In UK we turned off everything and went to sleep at 8 p.m. so lights out ALL night!! Take care

  5. Great cedit to Raymond, for not smiling at any of Duncans’ jokes while the photo was being taken………

  6. What a great statement you made! We all have to hang together to save this beautiful planet! Love to all at LH.
    Joy in Camarillo Co

  7. From exeter . From Aquila…

    This story MUST be the sandriver young male!

    I asked if anyone did tell Duncan ( No reply) so thats why i do post it here.

    A young male lion left over from a pride which recently perished in the area. He is approximately one and a half years old and is struggling to stay alive. He unfortunately wondered into the pride and now faced the challenge of his life. Both the adult females and some of the juveniles attacked him; amazingly the dominant male stepped in and chased the pride off him. We could not believe what we were seeing, Chris and I both thought he would be killed. Even more amazing was that he would not run away, instead he lay on his back in submission. The tactic worked, the pride with the adult male following close by left the area. The young male followed behind them and was periodically attacked by the pride that was again chased away by the male. We followed the pride for well over two hours and watched several more interactions. The two adult females then hunted and killed an adult male Impala. Unfortunately for them they were chased away by the dominant male who would not let any of the lions near him, except, the young sick male. We never saw if he had a chance to feed, but tracks the following morning indicate that he at least got the left overs. The pride later killed a Wildebeest where the young male was again seen nearby.

  8. Hi. Indeed the above article is correct and it seems that the young Sand River male is tagging along with the Ottawa Pride at the moment, albeit at a distance, and there has been evidence of him being protected by one of the Mopogo’s. I have refrained from posting an article on this until we have more information, and that we have all our facts in place. An article will be posted soon on the latest developments.

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