Congratulations Gary

Posted on May 16, 2011

We have just received news that Gary has won another photographic competition.

Out of the thousands of entries in the Kruger Park “Mother and Baby” Competition, our very own home grown Gary Parker came out tops and scooped the top prize for the picture he entered below.

What makes it really special is the fact it is of Makwela who became a legend in these parts, lets hope she does the same for you Gary, or should I say more of a Legend!!!

Well done, you did yourself and us proud.

19 thoughts on “Congratulations Gary

  1. Congratulations Gary,

    That photograph epitomises the beauty of the animals in their natural setting.

    Keep it up Mate

  2. Awesome picture…there was a link on Safari Talk & I saw it earlier today, I thought it looked familiar!! Makwela was really beautiful.

    Well done Gary..


  3. Kudos! Congratulations! Great job & the fact that you won with Makwela is all the better!

  4. WELL DONE!, Gary

    Hope you get another awesome trip as part of your prize.

    And, what a tribute to Makwela…


  5. Congratulations. I’ve been following the competition and this was my fav photo also. Great job

  6. well done Gary an awsome photo of which is pride of place on my wall .you are a very talented photographer must be that long lens !!

  7. well done Gary. I had been looking at the entries from the beginning of the competition and your photo definately stood out. Congrats.

  8. WOO WHO, Gary!! Job well done. What an awesome picture and it had Makwela…so sweet! Did you win another trip? Can’t wait until Sept. when we return!
    Hugs, Jill

  9. Fantastic Gary! I am so happy for you! Well- deserved!

    Gary, is the baby THE baby who became Makwela?s successor – Hlaba Nkunze?

    Maybe I?m mistaken. No matter who is this sweet lovely cub, you definitely captured a very special moment between mother and child:)

  10. Congrats Gary, well deserved Mate. Makwela makes this extra special thank you for sharing.


  11. We’re so proud to be associated with you Gary, Congratulations on your achievement! Indeed a stunning photo.

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