Congratulations Charl Schwartzel!

Posted on April 12, 2011

Well Deserved Victory

U.S. Masters 7-10 April 2011

During September 2010, Charl Schwartzel and his wife Rosalind Jacobs, visited us at Leopard Hills for a couple of days.

Like all our guests, it was wonderful having them with us, being able to share this incredible place with them.

Therefore we felt it necessary to Congratulate Charl on Winning the 75th U.S. Masters at Augusta National and becoming only the Third South African to win this tournament, exactly to the day, 50 years after Gary Player became the First International player to win the U.S. Masters!

This is a huge accomplishment and something to be very proud of as fellow South Africans.

We therefore wish Charl all the best for the future and may there be many more great golf tournaments and Masterful finishes! (… Birdie-Birdie-Birdie-Birdie)

The Leopard Hills Team

Charl and Rosalind

Photo was Taken during their stay at Leopard Hills

10 thoughts on “Congratulations Charl Schwartzel!

  1. Warranted Congratulations on his Victory indeed, but I am not sure this is an appropriate place for Nationalistic Jingoism. My preference is for the focus to remain on the wonders of Sabi Sands, Leopard Hills and all the natural wonders to be found therein. His is a quite different kind of celebration.

  2. Nick Hi. Wile we appreciate your point of view, we believe our weblog is a tool to voice opinions and share news on various topics and I stand by our decision to publish this article of congratulations to Charl from the Leopard Hills Team.

  3. Thank you Heinrich ? I will wear my South African Polo shirt now and I will proudly share this news with our expat community here in Moscow! 😀
    I am sorry Nick but I strongly disagree with your point. I am Polish, an expat in Moscow and lived in many countries before. I don?t see any Nationalistic Jingoism in this information at all.
    Our Moscow community represents more than 80 different Nations. We watch the games together cheer up each other even if my team loses. I love Leopard Hills not only because of animals ? I love the LH Team like my own family. This is all about at least for me. My husband and I met great people there, some of them we stay in touch and it is a great privilege for me to know that one of them became a Champion.
    I am sorry I got very emotional about it, but political correctness should have a limit sometimes.

    Well done Charl!

  4. Hello to all and thanx for the opportunity to voice congrats to Charl!! My companion and I were there when Charl and Rosalind were visiting and had several drives with them. They were a lovely couple and as shared at the time he was on a great golf track…I am pleased that he has more than arrived!! For me it’s another wonderful Leopard Hills adventure and is meant to be shared….all the best to Charl and many thanx to Heinrich and Duncan for representing the many levels of diversity offered at Leopard Hills!

  5. Dunx, I think your comment was more than appropriate. – It is a feather in South Africa’s hat and demonstrates Leopard Hills’ interest and personal relationship that is extended to all guests that makes it such a special place. (Don’t know Nick – but he is way out line on this one!)

  6. What a terrific tournament and victory for Charl! Being a huge golf fan, I am sorry my visit to LH was off by a month from Charl’s. Nice to hear he is a nice guy in addition to a major champion. Thank you Heinrich and Duncan for sharing this information.

  7. "My preference is for the focus to remain on the wonders of Sabi Sands"

    Nick, Hi, the context here, and especially the title to the entry is what attracted my attention, and it was a voluntary choice on my part, as well as yours it must be said, to click on and expand the blog entry for further reading.

    Rather than risk the chance of people having disagreements regarding the body of this particular entry, it may have been wise for you, as you put it in the quoted reference above, to rather read about the wonders of the Sabi Sand, and thus not make the choice to open and expand the said blog entry.

    Bravo Charl, I stayed up to watch each stroke……

  8. I watched Charl when he was a 17 year old, built like a boomslang, compete in the SA Open as an amateur. He boomed long drives down the middle all week and had a very good touch around the greens. I used to caddy on the Pro tour and trust me, he had chins wagging amongst the players, and a few, including myself, pegged him as a major winner, just didn’t think it would happen so soon.

    I have been on the bag coming down the home stretch in contention to win, and watched people crumble completely. Charl’s finish in the Masters has to be right up there with some of the best in history, and the calm, collected manner in which he did it was outstanding.

    Well done Charl ! My neigbours aren’t the biggest fans though, as they woke up to my screams of jubilation at 01:30 on a Moday morning.

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