Coming of Age!

Posted on November 17, 2010

Mambirri’s sub adult cub seems to be independant and out on her own and is confidently showing her seniors how it’s done!

We viewed her on her reedbuck kill for 2 days, the kill safely hoisted up a Marula tree while 2 Spotted Hyaena’s looked hungrily up at her. She showed remarkable strength as she manoevered the carcass around while feeding, not dropping a thing!

Some of the adult female leopards here in West don’t hoist their kills up trees anymore, possibly linked to a lower spotted hyaena population, this has cost them a few lost kills, especially to lions lately. Mambirri’s cub spends alot of time up trees and she has shown from the young age of around 20 months that she is a fast learner!

With a full belly and after finishing her kill she decided to go down for a drink at a nearby pan. Instead of just going for a drink she couldn’t resist and her youthfulness came through as she tried valiantly to catch a Water Thicknee which was hesitant to leave it’s eggs!

We look forward to many more quality sightings with this relaxed female.

0 thoughts on “Coming of Age!

  1. Nice one Dangerous. So I assume she didn’t snarl at you like Mambirri? 😉 Sure seems like a quality sighting and well captured.

  2. Hi Dave,
    If Sam would not have given me that much white wine; maybe i would have had the same fantastic pictures with or without my Sony or Canon. The choice is yours Dave.

    I’ll never forget you; untill we meet again.

    Patrick and Katrien
    from Belgium

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