Beefy Botham’s Boma Birthday Bash

Posted on November 27, 2009

It has been wonderful having Ian Botham back in the bush with us again and especially being able to celebrate his birthday with us here at the Lodge.

It would be undiplomatic of me to mention his age, but this is the second time we have shared a birthday bash with Beefy, he was here 4 years ago with all his family to celebrate his 50th, there you go, I have honored my commitment in not mentioning his age!!!!

It was also great having Tom and Enid Taylor, our most regular Guests, joining us for this evening of festivities, and David Gower who joined us again and flew in for the occasion.

Proceedings got underway after the evening Safari in the Boma with the Marimba Band joining us for an evening of music and tribal dancing which carried on into the wee small hours of the morning.

As is customary out here in the bush, a custom unbeknown to Beefy, Ronald Tracker was sent out after breakfast to find an Elephant and stick with it until it provided us with a fresh pile of dung. This he dutifully did and returned to Camp forthwith with his prize to hand over to Head Chef Shane. Much time and care was taken in icing this “smelly” prize, and once completed, resembled the most mouth watering chocolate cake.

Well into the evening, Ian was presented with this “cake” and…….. Well the pictures will tell you the rest of the story, needless to say our traditional birthday cakes will from now onwards always be referred to as “Beef Cakes”.

We did however present Ian with a more Traditional Birthday cake after he had recovered from the first one and got rid of the “funky” taste from the first offering.

It was an evening to remember, and as we all drifted off to sleep in the early hours of the morning, with the sound of Lions roaring close to Camp, I think we all agree…………it was a special night.

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  1. I’ll remember to be very carerful with anything chocolate at LH! What a hoot! So looking forward to seeing all of you at LH next August. Joy in Camarillo.

    PS to Gary: We’re still trying to get that Delta pilot to return with us…u know the one with the escape pods idea. 🙂

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