Art in Nature

Posted on February 21, 2010

Recently I had a request for some of my images in black and white.

I decided to take a selection of my favourite images taken at Leopard Hills in the last 6 years and convert them into Black, White and Sepia. For me photography is art and I find nothing more pleasurable than sharing it with the world. I will give a brief description of each image and let the photographs speak for themselves. So get a nice cup of hot coffee sit back and enjoy.

An old elephant matriarch stop in the middle of the road and with out any warning picked up a trunk full of corse African soil and blow it over her weathered skin.

The Saddle-Billed stork, critically endangered in the Greater Kruger National Park, with only an estimated number of 250 breeding pairs left.

A female lioness stares with intend at her prey, a herd of wildebeest, before starting to stalk.

In the late afternoon sun a Rock Monitor warms its cold blooded skin against the rough bark of a Marula Tree.

“White Gold” the tusk of an old elephant bull glow against the African sun.

A Hooded Vulture coming in for the kill.

A female leopard descends down a tree moving into the night in search of prey.

0 thoughts on “Art in Nature

  1. This stuff is really near and dear to my heart. One really gets to the meat of the matter when color is limited. Shape, dark and light, positive and negative spaces make the composition. Beautiful, Marius!

    Joy/Camarillo CA

  2. Wow….these are beautiful pictures! When your blogs come in & I see your pics, it is what makes me strive to better my own photo’s, although I don’t think I will ever catch up


  3. great pics, as always,look forward to seeing all your work as it is posted.
    Actually saw the Saddle Billed Stork with you on our recent visit.


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