A special wedding day for Seamus and Heather

Posted on September 20, 2010

It was great afternoon at Leopard Hills for the wedding..

The atmosphere around the lodge was brilliant, with a wedding taking place this afternoon. Seamus waited in great anticipation as Heather was walked down the aisle by Gary, Leopard Hill’s head ranger, to the song of the choir on the lower pool deck of the lodge.

Pastor Jan Vink was in charge of the ceremony this afternoon, which is was a beautiful day for. Everybody got together at the pool deck overlooking the watering hole where this special occasion was taking place.

When Pastor Vink announced Seamus and Heather to be married as husband and wife, the choir rose to the occasion with wonderful, cheerful song, creating a wonderful atmosphere.

After the signing and some champagne, everyone moved over to the wedding cake, where Heather and Seamus jointly cut a piece from it. The sun was just busy lowering as we made our way down into the river bank to take some of the wedding photos.

As we moved up the bank onto a clearing some distance from the lodge, the Yellow thatching grass really lit up in the afternoon sun, which was exactly what the Professional Photographer, Tarryn Finkelstein, had in mind. With beautiful blue skies, small herd of Kudu and Impala we made our way back to the lodge, it was truly a special day.

Heather and Seamus, Congratulations from Duncan, Louise and all the staff at Leopard Hills.

27 thoughts on “A special wedding day for Seamus and Heather

  1. Oh my God… what amazing photographs and such a spectacular setting!!!
    Congratulations Mr & Mrs Ryan. You both look totally amazing and so so happy.. 🙂
    Hope you are having a fantastic day and it’s not all floating by too quickly… enjoy your sunset dinner and the rest of your wedding day. Sounds like you are being very well looked after over there by all at Leopard Hills – thanks to the owners and staff for making your day so special.
    Really looking forward to welcoming you both home as husband and wife and kicking off the next round of celebrations!!

    See you soon.

    Lots of Love
    Annemarie xxx

  2. Congratulations on your wonderful day. You both look great and beaming with happiness. Its sounds and looks wonderful.
    Really like the photo of the Lion in the long grass catching the doe….or is that Seamus catching Heather!!!;)
    I won’t bother you with phone calls now but I will want to get all the details and more photos when you get back.Enjoy the rest of your special trip.

    Welcome to the family Seamus!
    All our best,
    Paul & Maria x x

  3. Congratulations on your wonderful day. You both look great and beaming with happiness. Its sounds and looks wonderful.
    Really like the photo of the Lion in the long grass catching the doe….or is that Seamus catching Heather!!!;)
    I won’t bother you with phone calls now but I will want to get all the details and more photos when you get back.Enjoy the rest of your special trip.

    Welcome to the family Seamus!
    All our best,
    Paul & Maria x x

  4. Congratulations Mr & Mrs Ryan-you both look amazing! So happy for you…it looks absolutely beautiful there.
    Can’t wait to celebrate in Oct with you.
    Enjoy the rest of your trip.

  5. Congratulations Mr & Mrs Ryan – what an idyllic setting for a wedding, you both look so relaxed and happy not to mention absolutley STUNNING!! Well done and may this be just the first of many many happy days of wedded bliss.

    All our best,

    Gillian, Stephen, Daniel & Matthew x x x x

  6. Heather and Seamus
    Congratulations on your very special day – you both look absolutely gorgeous together.
    Wishing you many happy years together.
    Have a fantastic trip and see you in October
    Debbie xoxo

  7. Heather and Seamus congrats again! You both look stunning.
    The photos are fab. Loving the dress H!
    Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip. Can’t wait to hear all about it.
    See you soon.
    Love, Sara xoxo

  8. Congratulations Mr.and Mrs Ryan, hope your day was as amazing as you heather. You’ve made me a very proud godmother today. Can’t wait to celebrate with you on your return. Great to get a look at Mr.Ryan at last. Enjoy honeymoon folks. Seamus hope you realise the treasure you got today! Make sure and take very good care of Mrs.Ryan.

    Love and best wishes All The Smiths

  9. Congratulations Seamie & Heather! The pictures are absolutely amazing, you both look fabulous and so happy! Looks like ye had a fantastic day and no doubt the rest of the honeymoon will be just as good.

    Congrats again!!!
    Dee xxx

  10. Seamus and Heather, many congratulations, your day was beautiful, thank you for choosing Leopard Hills for your special day. We wish you many wonderful years together. All the best, Louise and The Leopard Hills Team

  11. Congratualtions Seamus and Heather, It looked like such a beautiful day, beautiful souroundings and no better to such a lovely couple as you and Seamus.

    Love the photo of you hiding in the long grass…..Heather caption…..He wont find me here….he he he!!! The one from across the pond is sooooo cute though…..

    Hope you have a fabulous time Mr & Mrs Ryan. See you for celebration part deaux in October

    Congrats again

    Lucy & Gavin


  12. Congratulations Heather & Seamus,
    The setting is amazing and the
    photos are fab, you look absolutely stunning Heather..
    Look forward to celebrating with you both in Oct.
    Enjoy the rest of your trip.
    Love from Phyl xxx

  13. Wow wow wow …. you both look fab !!! Congrat to you both . Delighted for ye. You look so happy together and the place looks amazing ..
    Can’t hear to hear about the whole thing XXX Lin

  14. Like Lin I have to say wow! The photos are just amazing, as I am sure the day was.. Congrats again to the pair of you… The Ryans! Delighted for you both. Will catch up and get all the details on your return – enjoy the rest of your honeymoon
    xxxxx Tony, Mair?ad Joe and bump xxxxxx

  15. Congratulations Mr & Mrs Ryan!
    The photos are fabulous and you both look amazing. I wish you every happiness in your future together and I hope that you enjoy the rest of the honeymoon.
    Love, Monica & Austin

  16. Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Ryan. Wedding photos are fab, you both look amazing and such a cute couple. Hope you enjoy the rest of your hols. Can’t wait to hear about it.
    Love Aibhilinn

  17. Aw Heather, you both look FAB!!! So relaxed and happy, it looks like you had an amazing day . . . exactly what you wished for. We’re so delighted for you. Enjoy every minute of married life.

    All our love, Anne-Marie, Paul and baby Harry x x x

  18. Congratulations to you both – what special memories you will have to share and they will last forever…

    …the door is opened for you and a bottle of bubbly ready to be popped when you return – I would love to hear every detail of your exceptional experience…

    Happiness and long life to you both…

  19. You both look absolutely gorgeous, congratulations to you both. Hope your have a fantastic time, can’t wait to catch up when you get back
    Dee and Chris

  20. Congratulations guys. The whole thing looks absolutely idyllic. I’m so happy for you both. May it be the start of many, many happy years together.
    Lots of Love,
    Siobhan, Colin, Ryan & Connor XX

  21. It was as strangers we met, but good friends we departed.
    Memories of a lifetime, Kruger has deeply imparted.
    Encountering mating lions, with a reverberating roar.
    An injured Leopard moma and her cute little cubs.
    There were a dazzle a zebra, a journey of giraffe, a crash of rhino but much more than that,
    We saw elephants, springbok, bushbuck and nyala,
    There was also the african bush Mc Donalds many many Impala!

    Gary our ranger was boyish and a rouge, He loved to follow the animals especially off road.
    Rennico our tracker sat bravely up front,
    He had the eyes of an eagle, the Big Five had no chance.
    Sunrise and sunset we enjoyed a drink with new friends,
    Standing out fearlessly, the ranger with gun close to hand.
    As the red African sun faded away, it was back to the lodge so the animals came out to play.

    There are so many to thank but to name but a few Louise, Debbie, Steve, Given and Andrew.
    Our wedding day surpassed all our expectations and dreams,
    But thats down to the wonderful contribution of the Leopard Hills Team,
    This trip will surely be second to none, Which simply means Mr and Mrs Ryan will have to return….

    Many Thanks
    Seamus and Heather Ryan

  22. WOW Heather, you touched us all with this posting, thanks for the kind words. It was a pleasure having you at Leopard Hills on such a special time in your lives, we hope to see you back with us again soon.

    Duncan, Louise and the Leopard Hills Team.

  23. Heather may you and Seamus spend many happy years together as a new chapter in your lives begin.all the best.heather your poem was amazing and gave me goosebumps while reading it.all the best

  24. Heathe,r your posting now is just so special, wow you can certainly put words together! To organise your special day was a privilage for me and the Team, to see you arrive as 2 very nervous people we hadn’t met before to when you left us as a confident married couple who had become friends was just so special. I really hope we see you back at Leopard Hills very soon. Enjoy the rest of your honeymoon and enjoy married life, there is nothing better. Louise

  25. Congratulations guys, the photos are amazing, Cant wait to see you in person to celebrate with some bubbly! Enjoy the rest of the trip, Hope it was all you hoped it would be and more,
    Lots of love ryaners,
    Emer X

  26. Best Wishes to you both. Glad that you had such an incredible time. All the best for many happy years together.

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