A new Addition to our Family

Posted on January 4, 2010

We would like to take the opportunity to welcome Gareth Carter to our Rangers Team.

Gareth joined us at the end of December to fill the void created by Hannes’s move to Madikwe Hills. Gareth comes to us with 9 years experience under his belt working in the Game Lodge Business, and has jumped right in to the Leopard Hills way of life.

It is always daunting beginning life at a new Lodge, no matter how much experience you have, mainly due to the prospect of a new Ranger having to learn the hundreds of kilometers of roads on the Reserve, and trying to get to grips with all the names. Gareth has been on a mission since his arrival, and has been out morning and evening, day in and day out, trying to come to grips with the maze of road networks. As of this morning Gareth has gone “solo” on his first official drive, and I am happy to announce, and relieved, he has made his way home for breakfast, after spending a morning watching a herd of elephants playing in the Sand River.

We look forward to Gareth keeping you entertained with stories and pictures from the Bush, here on the Leopard Hills Weblog.

Gareth Carter

0 thoughts on “A new Addition to our Family

  1. Hi Garreth! An official welcome from the SEASONS IN AFRICA team. I look forward to meeting you sometime soon. If you want a bit of an insight in to the SIA family, read our latest magazine. All the very best at Leopard Hills.

  2. Welcome Gareth. Will be happy to meet you in July 2010. You’ve joined a great organization. Joan & Arnold Kalan

  3. Congratulations, Gareth. You have joined a wonderful team. I have heard that, as part of the Leopard Hills initiation rite, you must learn how to baptize (fully submerse) a safari vehicle. I am sure that Duncan can teach you that! Good luck.

  4. Iit looks like you have more than proven your abilities, Gareth!. Me thinks the wild man, Gary, can show you how to baptize your safari vehicle.
    (hmmm, maybe it’s better to be a pagan?)
    We look forward to our return visit in August and to meeting you.. What a wonderful place LH is! 🙂
    Joy/Camarillo, CA

  5. We are proud of being it are the first travellers of Gareth? A special thanks for its passion, professionality and sympathy€… and for all the butterflies that we have seen!
    Baci da Roma … Cristina e Alessandro 🙂

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