Ravenscourt & Boulders

Posted on April 24, 2017

Intense interaction between Ravenscourt Male & Boulders Female, it is always wonderful seeing these solitary cats together.

Boulders Female made a kill which she safely hoisted away from the lurking hyena below. Ravenscourt had other ideas and he claimed the hoisted meal as his own. While the hyena were guarding the tree, hoping for any scraps to fall from the hoisted kill, Ravenscourt made his way to a nearby waterhole for a drink.

As he approached the water, Boulders showed herself from some tall grass and made her presence known to him when he got close to her. Ravenscourt didn’t let her growling influence him too much and he lay down withing a few feet from her.

Ravenscourt Ravenscourt Boulders Ravenscourt Ravenscourt & Boulders Ravenscourt & Boulders Ravenscourt & Boulders


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