My lovely Safari with Leopard Hills

Posted on March 16, 2008

I’m still not sure if it works, but hope photos will be visible on the end ;-)))

Gentle giant up close at Leopard HillsPure BeautyVulture - not my favoriteSweet CreatureBreakfast at Tiffany's :-)Leftovers

5 thoughts on “My lovely Safari with Leopard Hills

  1. Samanta I must congratulate you on being the first of our Guests to take the bold move and post an article on the Blog…..and a picture, its not easy the first time, trust me I needed some serious help, but it gets easier…..thanks a lot, keep them coming, all us "Technologically Challenged" Bush People are proud of you.

  2. Many thanks Duncan and to all Bush People! I must admit, I hate to read instructions and I prefer to solve a problem my self, but finally Brendon’s help was needed. He is fantastic person and being frank, without Brendon’s help it would take ages to present photos! It’s nice to be first and I do plan to post an article with our family experience – It’s gonna be a long one. Sergiusz captured couple of nice moments in the bush, so I’m going to share it on the weblog as well – I just need some time and hope that this part will go easier after having some experience already;-)

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