Memories of our first trip to Leopard Hills

Posted on November 9, 2010

With thanks to Gary for all his helpful photographic tips (though I still resorted to the magic green button for most of these).

The main highlight was watching the ‘disappearance’ of a buffalo over our three days (October 17th – 20th):


Of course it’s not all about the leopards:

Or the lions:

But mostly it is about the leopards:

And the lions:

The end:

Until next year:

5 thoughts on “Memories of our first trip to Leopard Hills

  1. Wonderful photos, Mark…Thanks for taking us along with you! Tho the Leopard are always my favorite, I so love "The (very clever) End"…and can’t stop smiling at the wee one waving to us!

  2. fantastic images Mark….such a wonderful Article. great job.thanks for taking the time to share your experiences of your safari with us.

  3. Mark Hi. Thanks for this posting, really appreciate the time and effort that went into this, for those of us that post on a regular basis, it is time consuming and a little challenging to say the least.

    Well worth the effort, great pictures. Thanks again from all the leopard Hills Team.

  4. These pics are all so very, very good I can’t decide which ones I like the best! Loved seeing Hlaba Nkunzi and her cubs…my how they have grown. The baby ellie is just precious.

    Cheers! Joy

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