Wild dogs

Posted on October 2, 2009

Wild dogs galore……

There has been a flurry of wild dog activity. This has been the most dog activity in the nearly 3 years that i have been at Leopard hills. In the last week we have had a new pack of 4 male dogs that have frequented the West.

On this mornings drive things exploded with a pack of 7 dogs in the north ( 4 males and 3 females) and 11 dogs in the south with a few puppies (not too sure of the make up)

Hopefully at least one of the packs will stick around for further viewing.

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  1. Great news Gary. Things seemed to be looking grim for the wold dogs in the area so it’s great to hear of this sudden influx. Are any of these dogs from the original pack over the last few years whose numbers seemed to be on the decline? any ideas where they have come from?

  2. Oh my word. This is excellent, an added bonus to all the Leopards & Lions.

    Many people don’t even ask to see Wild Dogs, they are so missunderstood & have had such bad press. They need all the positive publicity that they can get!! One of my favourite animals in the bush..They are so efficient & could teach people a thing or two about sticking together as a family unit!

    Enjoy every minute with them…

  3. What a way to start my 11 day Safari, sitting in the drizzle this morning watching 7 Wild Dogs milling around us, and the who should walk down the road right through our sighting……..a little female leopard. Bring on the next 10 days.

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