Visitor at room 5 AGAIN

Posted on June 18, 2008

Back home, and she looks so comfortable.

Yesterday Makwelas cub (who is soon going to get a name) was back at the lodge. She seems to have this liking of room 5. Dont you think that she looks so at home?

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  1. Wowis the Way Makwela’s Cub is Lurking on top of the shower head,and couple of hours later was right behing our staff quarters.
    thats truly close encounters of the Big5.
    Leopard Hills is certainly the best Lodge in the World!!!

  2. Carolyn and I stayed in room 5 only 3 weeks ago. We never looked up when we went out onto the patio. Next year we will be more carefull!!
    We searched for Makwela’s cubs and it was a real pleasure to see them yesterday on the blog.
    Thanks Leopard Hills team.

  3. Can you believe it? When was Makwela’s Cub at the room? While the guests were on game drive or what?

  4. Brilliant Gary ! – the trust and relationship you guys have fostered is incredible.

    I must also say that Duncans aparent strategy in the face of rising World Oil Prices is elegantly simple –

    1) bring the big five into Leopard Hills itself.
    2) Walking safaris from your room to breakfast,
    3) Daily dash between the thundering hooves to the Boma for dinner.
    4) Scrap Sudoko in favour of the daily quiz of "Who lost the most of their pool to the elephants last night ?"
    5) Retire the Land Rovers altogether.
    6) What oil crisis ?

  5. I love the photo of the cub by the shower head! We are so looking forward to our visit at Christmas time and hope that she is still a regular visitor at the camp then.

  6. She is even more beautiful than I can remember her. After watching her hunt,make a kill, haul it up the tree and survive, I think her name should be Tenacity or the African word meaning the same.
    Official meaning of tenacious:
    Holding fast,characterized by keeping a firm hold, persistant, stubborn, not easily pulled a sunder, tough.
    Tenacity means having the quality of being tenactious.

    Just a thought.

  7. Oh my, she is so mischevious 🙂
    Gave me the fright of my life a few hours later!!
    Duncan does indeed have a brilliant strategy! Why drive at all!?

  8. We were lucky enough to be staying in Room 5 when she visited. I had used the outdoor shower an hour earlier, before we went out on our game drive. We can’t wait to get back to Leopard Hills to see her, Makwela and the new cubs again!

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