Update on Makwela……..

Posted on September 4, 2008

Makwela is back ………..

Makwela is finally back, without the cubs. Yesterday morning the new male leopard (Tegwan) the same one that killed one of makwelas cubs killed a bushbuck in camp and dragged it ito a tree between room 8 and the diningroom, (we are not called LEOPARD HILLS for nothing).

After morning game drive we found that the male leopard had taken the kill to the river bed in front of camp. We departed on afternoon drive and headed straight for there.

We viewed him feeding on the kill.

This morning we got to the kill and MAKWELA was there, she had stolen the kill from him, justice. She seems to have been a fight but sure she will pull through.Oh and never mind the proverdial hyaena lying in wait for the scraps.

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  1. Probably the same bush buck that I spent the morning with at the pool at room 3!! Wish I could be there with you. I miss my game drives.

    Although this is what happens in nature, it is still so sad. The cubs are so beautiful and so precious. A joy to see and share (even to us only in photographs). With our best wishes to you all at Leopard Hills and thank you for caring so much (as do we) for the incredible animals of Africa, especially Leopard Hills, Ian and Liz van Zyl

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