3 Mapogos Kill a hippo

Posted on November 26, 2010

At Shigamba pan this morning, we came across something quite special

We followed the 3 males for a while on game drive last night, it was a pretty quiet and dark night with the moon’s light not shining through the heavy clouds. The 3 gave us an amazing roar very close to the vehicle while moving across a clearing. We then left the males as they silently moved into thick bush, certainly knowing where they were heading. During the night they roared quite loud close to the camp, so we knew they hadn‘t gone too far.

This morning, starting our drive, not sure what the morning would hold, we left the lodge with a beautiful sunrise. Looking for tracks on one of the roads in the direction where the males were headed, to see if they crossed we did a loop back towards the clearing in front of the lodge and came across the 3 lions.

2 of the lions were already sleeping, as they had their fill and the one male was still busy with the hippo and then soon after dragged it into a bush nearby the watering hole. They had killed this young hippo during the night and had already eaten quite a bit of it.

If we had been 10minutes later we might have missed all the action, but it was incredible seeing the male’s strength as he pulled the carcass down into the thicket.

We’ve seen the hippo around the watering hole numerous times, so it was quite sad seeing that the lions had taken him down, but on the other hand it’s so great seeing them do what they do best.

This was another special morning in the Sabi Sand Game Reserve.

7 thoughts on “3 Mapogos Kill a hippo

  1. Amazing, just amazing. I’ve been waiting for new images of the Mapogos constantly checking out all the blogs and sites associated with this great coalition. They seem alright for now, any news on the fourth. Don’t think the Makulu Mapogo is on here. Keep it up.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow ? I love those guys ? the power they have brings a goose bumps! Thank you Heinrich, for me it is another African Bed Time Story ? I wish I was there! I miss you all!!! 😀

  3. Thanks everyone for all the comments, it was a great morning and it’s wonderful being able to share it!

    the Makhulu Mapogo is with the other two, it’s one of the younger members who’s not too far away in the company of a lioness.

  4. Cheers Heinrich, much appreciation. Would be awesome if you could post more pics of the individual animals, would give us hardcore Mapogo fans a good view of their physical conditions. Thanks mate.


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