Village Visit

Posted on April 27, 2008

A really memorable visit

Leopard Hills – you are doing fantastic work in supporting the local community – KEEP IT UP! We both thoroughly enjoyed our visit and the entertainment that was put on for us. Our next visit to Leopard Hills (already being planned!!) we would love to visit the HIV orphanage you are are supporting.

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  1. Ive just improved the flv video quality. An flv conversio from an MPEG 4 file gives better quality with no sound problems – than a quicktime conversion.

  2. Hi Keith & Chris,
    The video quality is much better now, but I must point out though that the file size of the new video is 3 times as big as your original one. This causes the video to stream much more slowly and intermitendly. It is a good idea to play with the quality settings a little bit to get a balance between acceptable quality and acceptable download speed on the internet.
    I often choose picture quality over sound quality, unless the sound is really important, but it is nice if the video will stream with little interuption on a 384 K ADSL connection.
    Also when converting your video, set the dimensions of the converted video to 352 x 288 or similar, as the weblog will only display your video at this size. Anything bigger is wasted bandwidth. I am not sure how big yours is, and yours may well be the correct size.
    You have done a fantastic job with your videos, and I only add this comment to help other users who may be interested in converting their videos.

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