Jeremiah opens

Posted on July 11, 2008

After a long hard road, we eventually had the “Grand Opening” of the Jeremiah Créche.

There is simply too many people to thank for making the dream a reality, you all know who you are and we could not have done this or achieved this without your incredible generosity. As we stood out there today and officially opened the facility, we were there to represent not only Leopard Hills, but all of you as well that made this happen.

We officially handed over the facility this morning to the Dumphries Community in the presence of the Local Nduna, Chief. There is now officially a place where 48 underprivileged children can gain access to the beginnings of an education. Leopard Hills and Pride and Purpose have stood together side by side in making this dream a reality, it is living proof of what can be achieved by Team Work.

We shall continue the on-going support of the Day Care Centre and use the existing funding we have to buy more materials and educational equipment on a continuous basis. In officially handing over this facility to the Community today, we hope this will be a place where the next generation of this Community will have a foundation to build upon to grow and realize their dreams, and make this Province and this Country a better place.

This Project is living proof of the commitment between Leopard Hills and our Partners to the Community, and the importance of the ongoing relationship between the Lodges, and the Communities on the fringes of the Reserve.

In closing, we hope this will be a happy place where young minds can grow and futures will be bright………simply because people care.

The passing comment between us all as we left the Community to their new facility was “what’s next?”
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  1. It was fantastic to be out there, and finally open the new creche! Thanks so much to everyone who has walked this long road with us!

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