A Day spent in the Community

Posted on March 18, 2008

I spent Monday 17 March out in the Community! What fun it was!

I visited Jeremiah, the Creche where we are going to be building. I am so excited, as it is quite a big piece of land, and I just know we will be able to build the best Creche ever.

What I am most excited about, is the meeting we had with the Council, who gave us the final go ahead in person yesterday, they are more than happy for us to start building.

As soon as we start, I will be keeping you updated with pictures.

0 thoughts on “A Day spent in the Community

  1. I keep my fingers crossed! You are all wonderful and I deeply belive that faith can move a mountains and you did it! I’ll follow all news about community with pleasure.

  2. Thank you Duncan. The reason for posting on the blog is because I am so excited, and I just want everyone to know what’s happening!

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