Tegwane Male Leopard mating with the Dam 3 Female

Posted on September 16, 2008

Gary and Marius had an amazing and unexpected sighting the other night.

Following up on tracks of the Tegwane Male Leopard and the Dam 3 female, who we don’t see very often, it appeared they had moved into the same block of bush, and hadn’t emerged again.

On further investigation and some skillful tracking, both Leopards were found lying up together next to a large termite mound as it was getting dark. Amazingly this is when the “incredible happened”, they mated right in front of the vehicles……….a rare sight indeed.

Thanks to Dawn Candella and Keith Giliberti for the amazing footage.

[FMP width=”640″ height=”360″][/FMP]

0 thoughts on “Tegwane Male Leopard mating with the Dam 3 Female

  1. Hey guys,

    We are finally back from our trip. We had such a wonderful time. There was a mistake made above, I am proud to say that the footage of the leopards mating was taken by Keith and myself. What an awesome experience it was and we are truly grateful to Gary, Ronald and the rest of the Leopard Hill’s staff for such an amazing time!!

    Dawn Candella and Keith Giliberti

  2. Hello Dawn, I must apologise profusely for the mistake, it has been one of those days, thanks to you and Keith for the amazing footage, what a sighting, many thanks.
    Glad you got home safe and look forward to seeing you back with us again soon. I have made the changes on the Blog to reflect the above.

  3. Awesome to see this video. It certainly makes up for not being in the bush & great to be able to share in such a rare sighting! They joys of modern technology….

  4. Congratulations Dawn and Keith, you brought the bush back to all of us around the world that long to see and hear what you were privileged enough to experience at Leopard Hills, which never ceases to amaze me the experiences their guest leave with!! Keep them coming!!

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