Look at what mom brought for me to play with (and eat)!

Posted on October 13, 2010

The bushveld is always full of surprises. Note that the young cubs exhibit our typical domestic cat/kitten behavior….or maybe it is the other way around! Hlaba Nkunzi’s cub delights in the monkey “toy”.

We took this video in late August. The cubs are already on their way to adulthood and we so enjoy seeing the latest photos and videos of their progress.

Gary, finally, I have this fine tuned and ready to share!

Our best regards to you and Ronald and LH team! Joy

9 thoughts on “Look at what mom brought for me to play with (and eat)!

  1. Sorry that this takes so long to upload. Gary, did you give up on me? Still have the Ottowa lion feast with the cubs…have to cut that one down also.

    Wish we were in LH when Hlabla Nkunzi and family were in camp! Must have been awesome.

    Cheers! joy

  2. Great video Joy and well done for figuring out how to post it. You get 10 points for patience and determination… 😉
    BTW: I am glad my kitten doesn?t do that… although I do see the resemblance when he plays with his favourite soft toy rat…

  3. Awesome footage…not easy for Leopards to kill Vervet monkeys as they are so quick & agile!! Hlaba Nkunzi is truly remarkable – just like her mom!


  4. Well well, this footage is great. I really didnt give up on you but well said Brendon 10 out 10 for patience, look forward to part 2 of the lion feast, send regards to Lon.

  5. Joy,

    Thank you so much for sharing, the video captures some of those fleeting moments of cubhood beautifully.

    Your persistence and the technical skills you have developed have enriched all our lives.

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