Trip report with videos – March 2007

Posted on March 24, 2008

We visited Leopard Hills for 1 night last March and wrote a trip report including 2 videos

(one of our game drives and one of the accommodation) – see trip report and videos here.

(I tried to upload it here but the game drive vid is over 20MB and I don’t really want to cut it)

Gary was our guide and by the time we left we felt like friends – everyone at Leopard Hills for that matter, treated us like friends.

As you can see on the first video we saw a leopard and her cub (I forget her name!) and found it amazing to be able to watch them in such a relaxed and playful mood. We’re used to the Kruger where leopards disappear quickly but at Leopard Hills they are used to the vehicles. It was a highlight for sure!

We also loved the splash pool and think it’s heaven on earth, to be able to watch game from your own veranda. Apparently some elephants were drinking from our pool (#5) the morning before we arrived!

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  1. Thank you Bruce and Wilma for the great article and video footage. The female Leopard is Makwela with her daughter, who is now independant of her mother, and happily hunting successfully on her own. They occasionally still team up, but she is getting less and less tolerant of her daughter as time goes on.

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