Leopard Cubs

Posted on August 26, 2008

Hi to the Leopard Hills team and new LH friends from my July visit.

Really concerned about Makwela’s cubs having read Duncan’s update, but hopeful that Makwela has been able to keep the cubs out of harms way. I am looking forward to seeing them safe and healthy on my next visit.

Attached are some snaps of the gorgeous little cubs that I wanted to share with you.

Missing LH and hoping to return soon.

Warm Regards


0 thoughts on “Leopard Cubs

  1. thanks so much for sharing Michelle – I have pictures of Makwela on my wall that we took last year, but am so jealous you got to see the babies!! great pictures (-:

  2. Thank you so much for sharing – these are terrific photos of some of nature’s most gorgeous creatures. Thank you again & we’re with you in hoping Makwela & the cubs stay well & safe.

  3. Morning Michelle

    Thanks for your post the pictures are awesome!
    We will keep you updated with her whereabouts.
    Looking forward to your next visit, have you started planning yet??
    See you soon

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