… and Other Creatures Great and Small…

Posted on November 3, 2009

… it is not only the leopards which made the trip special. It is often the birds and smaller animals that can make a game drive special…

LionAffectionate teenagers...
Flap-necked chameleonSquare-lipped (White) Rhino
Blue WildebeestSunset
Lion an nightMale Waterbuck
Lilac Breasted RollerRed Billed Ox Pecker...
...cleans right inside the eye..Giraffe
HippoBush Buck
Thirsty Buffalo...... another thirsty Buffalo
Black-bellied Khoraancutest little ellie ever...see my little pink feet!
...and what is this long thing on my face that I can't control!Cheetah
classic Cheetah pose...European Bee Eater
KuduHannes ???
Side Striped JackalRhino
Exhausting being the King...Prtoecting the meal, even though her belly was fit to burst!
Burchell's CoucalSaddle Billed Stork
Magnificant mane..Young Waterbuck
African Fish EagleBryan and Margaret... thanks Hannes for the pic and the trip!

10 thoughts on “… and Other Creatures Great and Small…

  1. Bryan and Margaret, what a wonderful selection of photographs… I haven’t seen a chameleon for decades – you are so lucky!!!! I feel the need for another visit to Leopard Hills.

  2. Brian and Margaret, thank you for sharing your stunning photos, particularly the baby ellies and sunset (that tree was made for a leopard). I see you were lucky enough to meet some of the Mapogo lion Kings .. scar face is looking pretty old. How lucky you were to see a cheetah too. It makes life worth living seeing these precious creatures, thank you again for sharing your experiences.

  3. Bryan and Margaret,

    Thank you for one of the greatest posts ever made by any guest. Africa is always calling to us, but your images convert her invitation to return into an imperative.

  4. Tim hit it on the head! Bryan, you have put an incredible amount of work into your posts and as the developer of the blog, I can tell you that they are absolutely perfect! I am just glad to see that I am not the only one that appreciates the effort you have gone to…
    Your pics are stunning and thanks for taking the time to label each one.
    Hannes, let us know what that strange looking lizard is called, and I will add it to the image caption.

  5. Fabulous! Absolutely fabulous! Everyone of these should be in National Geographic, or Africa Geographic!


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